Friday, April 18

End of the Road

Our plane back to SF was unfortunately not first class for our first time in a while. Since we were flying in regular seating it was hectic. There were babies screaming and people doing dirty stuff. The plane tickets were cheap but the flight was very fast. The food wasn't to great and the flight attendents were fat. Once we landed we had to go our separate ways. We told each other we would do these types of trips again and from there we departed…

Symbol: Friendship

By taking this trip we learned a lot about each other. We will always have these memories of the time we spent together and the bonds we made. True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

Thursday, April 17

Big City, For Big Men

Orlando was pretty hot and fun with the theme parks… We had a great time but we wanted to go somewhere else with shopping and some site-seeing. The Big Apple was the best there is. We were pretty sad actually to leave Orlando because we wanted to go to all the theme parks but it was all good. Our plane left at 10:00 sharp and it cost $265 per person for first class. This is a new airline we flew on called Delta. People said it supposed to be great but it sort of sounds like a cheap company. We had a tiring day so we just slept most of the time to New York. We messed around with this old guy because he was farting so loud. We were throwing peanuts at him and a couple of them landed in his wee wee area. The was probably the best part about the flight. This time we rented a car which was a Corvette and it cost about a 1,000 for a day. It was dark black which was good because at night the cops would have a tough time getting up because it is so dark. But anyways we drove to our hotel which took us the longest time because of the traffic. When we finally got to our hotel which is called Jumeirah Essex House on Central Park, it was very huge. Our room had a big hot tube and a big flat screen TV.

It was still pretty early and we had a lot of free time. We decided to do a little shopping in New York City. Some of the stores I remember were Macy’s, American eagle, and the NBA store. We were trying on different cloths and there was this man who wanted us to buy a bulk of items from Macy’s. It was a men's fragrance set. We were thinking that he thought we were gay. We felt like beating that little man up. There were a lot of these types of people selling us these sets but this guy was in our face for the longest. I guess they saw the way we dressed and the money we had so they probably targeted.

We decided to do to the statue of liberty to get away from the many people in NY. When we got to the boat to take us to the statue, we got seasick which was pretty nasty because we ate at an Italian restaurant. Everything came out but we felt better. We got many facts that we didn’t know about the statue that it was a gift and it has to be painted yearly. The weather up there was pretty cold and it was sort of scary from on top. I had to hold onto Anthoni tightly because I had acrophobia. When we came back down we had to head back to the hotel and leave as soon as possible back home because we had a meeting with other small gas companies. Our road trip was finally over. We were in tears…

Symbol: Apple

Well the apple is a symbol of New York and it is big. It is very sweet like apples because the atmosphere is very heart warming.

Monday, April 14

The Wonderful World Of Disney

Houston was fun, but Orlando was amazing. We arrived here on April 13th but I've been too lazy to write about it. We took Delta Airlines and oh my god was that a bad idea. The flight was so boring and there was this annoying kid that wouldn’t stop crying. I felt like walking up to the kid and smacking him. The flight cost a measly $539.60 and we had to stop at Atlanta then we were transfered towards Orlando. Together the flight was about 14 hours of pure boredom. All we were able to do was listen to our iPhones while we played on our Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

After that I thought it would never get better until we arrived at Disney World. I couldn’t believe the magic. There was a parade and there were fireworks everywhere. The Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana were performing. The Jonas Brothers dedicated a song just for me. Oh man The Jonas Brothers, those girls are hot. Miley kept trying to flirt with me but I told her about how it wouldn’t work because I saw her face I thought of Billy Ray Cyrus. Kevin Chan kept trying to flirt with Kevin Jonas, but Kevin Jonas wanted a real man and he didn’t think Kevin Chan fit that description. After being heart broken we decided to just call it a night and went to bed.

We slept in the cozy beds at the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. For two nights with 2 “Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper” & the Magic Your Way Platinum Package. The hotel, tickets, and special packages cost $3,008.70. My favorite ride was the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It rose very quickly and dropped multiple times. After taking the ride I learned that it drops faster than 9.8m2s the acceleration of gravity. The ride just got my adrenaline rushing and I felt like I was able to take on anything.

Disney World was magnificent. It was a fun and adventurous trip but I knew it would be over before I knew it, so I rushed to every fun ride possible. I personally enjoyed Space Mountain because of the unexpected twist and turns. Kevin’s favorite ride was Expedition Everest because he liked going backwards into the deep, dark, mysterious cave.
Orlando is just indescribable. It was burning hot like how The Jonas Brothers were burning up. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens wanted to personally give us a parting gift. Vanessa Hudgens kept trying to come with us to get away from Zac. She said how she needed a real man like me but I told her how I don’t want to ruin their relationship. Even though I know she sent me those pictures that leaked throughout the internet, I still deny it because I’m trying to move on.
Symbol: Magic!

Everyone wants something that's impossible. With a little magic and believing that can be achieved. At Disney World the magic there makes you feel like a little kid again.

Saturday, April 12

A Franchise Like a Houston Rocket

After all that partying and having fun in Las Vegas we wanted a more relaxing place to stay. The next city we were going to was Houston Texas. Our plane left early in the morning which is great because we had more time to spend in Houston. The plane tickets were first class again costing us $515 per person. The service was by far the best we have seen. They had everything we asked for but there are some old guys in our row and they are snoring like pigs. It’s so annoying. The chairs have a massage built into it and you had a flat screen TV right in front of you. We didn’t sleep at all. We are having so much fun so far. By the time we got off the plane, we were very hungry because the plane only gave little snacks here and there. We found a Burger King right outside our gate and we decided to go there. Somehow the burgers their looked like the ones you see in the commercial. We kept on staring at it and were so fascinated by it. Our limo driver is here so ill blog later. Whoa it’s a hot limo driver…

Our cab driver was very nice and showed us some naughty places in downtown Houston in which we paid close attention to. We finally arrived at our hotel in Houston which looked luxurious. The traffic there is crazy. I saw people driving their cars off the road just to get a little bit further. They are pretty stupid to me. The hotel is called Hotel Granduca. Apparently the front desk had our name in their system and a room was reserved for us. It is a Junior Suite costing $425 a night which isn’t too bad for a 5 star hotel. We have a pool table in the room which is neat and arcade games which I guess we get to play for free. The view is spectacular and the security is very dedicated to their job. Some how many people in Houston know us very well. We hear them screaming our names and some I hear want to do it with us. Weird… We really can’t go anywhere until the night when people have things to do. Anthoni found some Houston Rocket and Houston Astros tickets under the bed and some dirty magazines. The tickets were VIP tickets which means we would get to meet some of the players before the game and maybe play a pickup game. I think we are going to the game against the Lakers tonight because Kobe Bryant my favorite player and Yao Ming is Anthoni’s favorite because he gets excited over taller people than him. This is a once in a lifetime to see the 2 superstars. Well right now we are in the arena and it is so quiet. The players are just shooting around and we are taking a tour around the arena. So far we have seen the locker room which is pretty cool because the jerseys are all hung up. Anthoni tried on Yao’s jersey and it was huge. He could practically live in it. On the other hand I tried on Kobe’s jersey and he came in. We were pretty scared because he looked pissed in which he was because his jump shots were not going in during his warm-ups. He just said take it and he walked away. We thought he was on his period… The game was pretty exciting and there was a lot of cheering. In the end the Lakers came out victorious. It was a fun night and we went back to our hotel to relax…

Symbol: Bears

The bear symbolizes Houston is big and is a beast as a city. They have the complete package with tourism and entertainment. Their entertainment is big and a lot of stars are from Houston.

Wednesday, April 9

Poker Face

Waikiki was a calm and relaxing trip which was perfect to go to before we headed to…….. LAS VEGAS! We packed and left early in the morning. We went back to the airport at Honolulu and took the plane to Las Vegas. We took American Airlines because it was the greatest deal. Just because we’re ballin doesn’t mean we need to be wasteful. The trip cost $2,024 for three nights at the hotel and the flight.
We departed at 7:15 A.M and arrived at L.A around 3:45 I believe to be transferred to Las Vegas. It was all amazing until our flight got delayed. It was supposed to be a one hour flight but the air conditioning failed and took 3 hours to repair. The plane was scorching hot so we weren’t allowed to take off. We finally left around 7 and arrived exactly at 8:50 P.M.
We checked into our hotel, and oh boy was it amazing. We both agreed on the Venetian because of the 5-star rating and the casino. The hotel was just extravagant. Our jaws dropped as we approached the building and we saw our imperial suite. I can’t even explain it, it’s just awesome.
So after checking in we went to get some food. On the way there we met some fine girls that wanted to go out too. Today I got to pick where to eat so I chose to eat at the Wynn hotel and had Chef Alex prepare us a meal. We had one of everything and I had no idea it would’ve been so expensive. I don’t want to brag about the price but think thousands.

The girls wanted to hit the casinos so that was the next place we headed to. We headed back to the Venetian and went straight to the poker tables. I was dominating the table but I felt guilty so I decided to let the girls and Kevin win a couple of hands when I obviously had a better hand. I split up from Kevin because I was way too tired and the girls came back with me.
I woke up pretty early today, and they’re all sleeping still so I have no idea while I’m blogging. I need to a nice place for breakfast, before another day in Vegas. I think one of the girls is awake now though, maybe I should ask her for opinion. Yeah… I will. Sooooooo goodbye internet stalkers.

Symbol: Money
Las Vegas is known as a party city that is glorified for partying in gambling. People from all across the world come to Las Vegas with dreams of becoming rich. We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

Sunday, April 6


Whewwww I feel so relieved… Well we grabbed our luggage and our limo was waiting for us. We went to one of the best hotel in Waikiki which is called Aston Waikiki Beach Tower. It is $463 a night which includes a breakfast in which they come to your room and personally serve you. We're staying for 2 nights because Waikiki is just so relaxing. The view of our room is spectacular. We can see the whole city from up here and the breeze feels sooo good in the hot weather outside. The culture in Waikiki is very unique. The restaurants there always have entertainment involved. The restaurant we went to was Hy’s Steak House. They had a great Hawaiian atmosphere. Anthoni and I ordered the house special. What surprised us was that they cooked the food in front of us. It was like a little show they were giving us. The dinner was pretty expensive costing us about $100. After the dinner we went to a luau. There were flame dances and many traditional Hawaiian dances. Basically the dances had a lot to do with the environment and the dances tell a story. We wanted to participate in dances in which they let us and it was very fun but tiring at the same time. There were many girls around us and we were getting freaky sort of. By the time the luau was done we went back to the hotel and we were dead tired. We were very surprised by all the night life Waikiki had…

Symbol: Beaches

The beach symbolizes that the life in Waikiki, Honolulu. They are very relaxing and people are just laid back. The trees complete the beach atmosphere because it shades people from the hot sun.

Wednesday, April 2

L.A. All Day Everyday.

It felt like it was just any other ordinary day, but I knew it wasn’t. Today was the day where we were going to become men. After months of preparation we were finally allowed to go on our cross country trip. The problem was where to go? We decided we should go to at least six different cities. After hours and hours of planning we finally agreed on it. The first place we were heading was Los Angeles, California.
Heading on a vacation isn’t any cheap task, but when you’re balling like us, money isn’t a problem. The plane and hotel only cost $1,875 for two nights. A trip like this only comes once in a lifetime, so we knew we would need the most luxurious hotel we could find. That hotel was the Hotel Sofitel. This specific hotel was so intriguing because of the many amenities they offered such as the fitness center, pools, restaurants, business center, high-speed internet access so we’re able to keep you guys updated, and the spa services.
The spa was quite relaxing. The staff were professional trained and knew just how to get the stress out. Now that they we weren’t jet lagged I decided we should go around the city and see the night life. L.A. is very different from San Francisco, it wasn’t as diverse, and I felt a bit of a culture shock. I didn’t really need to adapt because I wouldn’t be staying here too long anyways.
After roaming the streets Kevin was starving but we had no idea where to eat. I didn’t want to make it extremely obvious that we were tourist so I avoided asking people for their opinions. Thanks to the technology we have today we were about to find a nice restaurant from our cell phones. We discovered an Italian restaurant called Cicada at 617 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014. The food was exquisite and the service was remarkable.
Okay I’m too tried to talk about it and I need to get some rest for the rest of my adventure in L.A. Toodles, that was totally straight.

Symbol: Hollywood

In a place like Hollywood there's a sense of competition between music artists, actors/actresses, and just anyone in general. People dream about making it big to live in Hollywood and being a big famous star.